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The Economic Status of our Aging Adults

Many Older Adults are finding it harder to make ends meet. Consider some of the factors causing this problem; the soaring cost of living, increased healthcare costs for people 65 and older, the high costs of supplemental health insurance and … Continue reading

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Hospice Proved to be a Well-Oiled Machine

Mom was dying from lung cancer; it was my privilege to care for her until she died. Mom had decided that she was done with chemo treatments and she did not want to try any other treatments, chemo had taken … Continue reading

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Music Therapy Evokes Emotions

When I studied medical coding, it was interesting to note that there is a medical job position for the Arts, including Music Therapy. I was aware that music can indeed be a mood changer, but the field of Music Therapy … Continue reading

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Adult Day Care/ Respite Care

I have to admit that when I first read the sign Adult Day Care, I was incensed. I thought, “they have a lot of nerve calling this place Adult Day Care, as if the Older Adult are children, what lack … Continue reading

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The Question of Nursing Home Facilities

Ever since I was a child I remember mother telling all of us children, NEVER PUT HER IN A NURSING HOME WHEN SHE GOT OLDER AND COULD NOT TAKE CARE OF HER SELF!  Unequivocally she let us know that she did … Continue reading

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Prepare in Advance and Stop the Abuse!

Unfortunately, we have seen many news items dealing with the abuse of children, women and older adults. I could blog about each one; however, I will consider the abuse of the older adults, as this is a topic close to … Continue reading

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