How we help

Long Term Care Planning Meeting

Here’s just some of what we do…

checkmarkBill payments
utilities, property taxes, insurance, estimated tax payments, credit cards, etc.
checkmarkFinancial reconciliation
including preparing and making bank deposits and ensuring the absence of bank errors
checkmarkReview of income and expenses
to help establish and follow a monthly budget
checkmarkOrganization of records and files
taxes, financial statements, mortgage papers, insurance papers, wills and trusts, health care proxies and living wills, schedule of home or auto maintenance, reminders for birthdays and anniversaries, etc.
checkmarkManagement of medical papers
ensuring the accuracy of medical bills; overseeing the submission of bills to insurance companies; communicating with doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies; shopping for health insurance plans and/or home health care, etc.
checkmarkMail management
opening, sorting, and responding where appropriate
checkmarkAssistance for legal guardians
record-keeping, correspondence, helping with necessary filings
checkmarkAssistance with tax matters
helping to set up a record-keeping system and compiling the necessary documents for tax preparation by your accountant, and ensuring your tax returns are prepared, executed, and filed, all in a timely manner
checkmarkPreparation of a comprehensive manual of your assets, liabilities, possessions, etc.
which will be available in the event of an emergency, including the location of all personal and financial documents, legal, insurance and other important contacts, etc.
checkmarkSpecial projects
shopping for the best rates on a car loan, mortgage, bank account, credit card, and more; negotiation with creditors; assist with major purchases including online research, etc.
checkmarkAssistance with donating property
finding appropriate charitable organizations to send items no longer needed or wanted (electronics, clothing, etc.), coordinate and track philanthropic activity.
checkmarkInventory assets
(art, electronics, jewelry, furniture, other valuables) for homeowner’s insurance – including documentation in written or video format
coordinate all details of your local or long distance move, including finding a mover, overseeing the packing and unpacking, changing all of your contact information, and so much more
checkmarkAssistance to small business owners
maintaining records, securing loans, purchasing, handling correspondence
checkmarkNegotiation with creditors
and assisting you in working through your obligations when you have come upon difficult times or have taken on more than you can handle
checkmarkProviding referrals
to other professionals including but not limited to accountants, financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, etc.